Selasa, 15 Mei 2012

Conversation in delusion

it's funny how a photograph cold makes you smile, or even laugh. but end with a bitter taste in your tongue. Like a sweet candy that usually brings a toothache.
it's funny how a photograph could bring a same feeling every time you stare it. a same feeling that you have when it's taken.
it's funny how a photograph could talk to you, told you that in the time that it's taken, you are happy
well, you were happy. I was happy.

But the photograph said: "it's not me, dear. It's your memory!!"
I laughed, awkwardly, and say: "you bring it to my mind. like you pull it to the surface of the water when it's going to sink. so it's you. your fault. why don't you let it sink!"
The photograph then look at me with a commiserated face. "i'm just capturing moment, love. you're the one who in charge to fill it. whether with a happiness, or sadness. so do not blame me for those memories that came. all i can show you is what you feel that time. it is you, who see your happiness in the past as something to cry on today."

i look at the photo once again. look at our smile once. try feel the feelings once again.
"am i that happy that time?" i whisper to the photograph.
"you were. and you are, if you want." the photograph said shortly. "is it hurt?" he ask me back.
i look at the photo once again. well I actually cant take my eyes off of it. i answer it reluctantly. "it is. it is hurt to know that i only can see our smile in a piece of paper."
"a piece of paper that can makes your mood's swing." the photograph said stubbornly. I thought he feel offended.
"yes. a piece of paper that can swing my mood." I laugh.
We both laugh.

-a photograph did cause a delusion-

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