Kamis, 05 April 2012

Kompetisi Video Berhadiah Ke Korea. Joinn this!! :B

Good News for all Korean Lover!! Berikut adalah kompetisi video yang diadakan olehh Kementrian Luar Negeri dan Perdagangan Korea Selatan. Untuk kalian yang benar-benar mau ke Korea tapi mau yang gratisan (hidup #mentalgratisan!!) ikut kompetisi ini dan menangkan perjalanan gratis ke Koreaaaa..... *histeris trus joget goyang gayung*. Untuk lebih lengkapnya, silahkan baca keterangan di bawah ini:

1. Following the appointment of Ambassador for Public Diplomacy (September, 2011) and the launch of the Public Diplomacy Policy Division (January, 2012), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has strengthened public diplomacy, which aims to increase foreigners’ understanding of Korea and communicate with them from the heart. 

  ㅇ This year, the Foreign Ministry will hold a video contest “I love Korea, because…” and 'Quiz on Korea,' and also install a ‘Korea Corner’ in libraries overseas. The Ministry will continue to diversify programs for public diplomacy. 

2. Applications for video contest “I love Korea, because...", the first public diplomacy program this year co-hosted by Arirang TV, will be accepted from March 1 to May 20. Any foreigner can apply for the contest by submitting a video clip they have made, which introduces reasons they love Korea including Korean traditional culture, K-POP, landscape, economic development and personal experiences related to Korea. 

  ㅇ The Grand Prize winner will be presented with a car made in Korea, invitation to Korea and K-POP live show. Other prize winners will be given Korean brand laptops, tablet PCs and digital cameras depending on their ranks. 

3. The upcoming video contest will help increase foreigners’ feelings of closeness to Korea, and learn what foreigners see as Korea’s strength. It will also contribute to setting our direction for future public diplomacy activities. 

Here's the poster :)

Since this competition is worldwide, do your best!!! for further information, click here

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